General Sessions Descriptions

Session Handouts Date Submitted PDF
101. Cost Control Strategies – Do You Really Know Your Agency’s Cost Structure? 7/8/2014 pdfthumb
102. Hospice Payment Refinement – Where it Stands and How Hospices Can Prepare 7/8/2014 pdfthumb
103. Diversifying Revenue Sources: Bring Balance in Changing Times 7/13/2014 pdfthumb
104. Managing within Managed Care: Lessons Learned in Home Care 7/10/2014 pdfthumb
201. Home Health Cost Containment Strategies 7/8/2014 pdfthumb
202. Hospice Regulatory Change is Inevitable: Are We Prepared and What Will Medicare Learn from the Data? 7/12/2014 pdfthumb
203. Evolving Payment and Service Models: Blessing or Curse? 7/10/2014 pdfthumb
204. Medicaid Managed Home Care: This is the Future!    
301. Episode Management: Managing Clinical and Financial Outcomes Before They Occur 7/9/2014 pdfthumb
302. Hospice Compliance: Issues and Mitigating Risk 7/9/2014 pdfthumb
303. Home Care and Hospice’s Role in an Integrated Health System    
304. Revenue Cycle Management: Protecting Cash Flow through Efficiency, Effectiveness & Compliance 7/10/2014 pdfthumb
401. Minimize Denials:  Practicing Effective Home Care Compliance 7/8/2014 pdfthumb
402. Hospice Cost Savings: Finding Efficiencies 7/12/2014 pdfthumb
403. Accessing Capital:  Strategies for Funding Cash Flow Needs 7/10/2014 pdfthumb
404. Medicaid Rate Advocacy: Succeeding in Getting Fair Payment 7/9/2014 pdfthumb
Pre-conference Summer Camps
601. Hospice Summer Camp 2014 7/16/2014 pdfthumb
701. Home Health Summer Camp 2014 7/9/2014 pdfthumb
General Sessions
900. Opening General Session: National Update 7/9/2014 pdfthumb
901. General Session: HHFMA Leadership Panel-The Future Belongs to Home Care & Hospice    
902. General Session: The Views of Health Care Industry Stakeholders    
903. Closing General Session: Financial Managers Open Forum 7/11/2014 pdfthumb


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